Our Projects


Allergy Hero App

Our goal is to create an interactive phone app which will allow the allergy community to rate their experiences at restaurants, cafes, hotels and whilst travelling. There will also be a feature where you can scan food products and rate your experience with that product. This information will provide a valuable database of knowledge and help increase the quality of life for those living with allergies by allowing them greater participation through informed choice. It will also have a secondary effect of creating accountability in the hospitality and food manufacturing industries through customer feedback. We need your support to finalise this product.


Awareness Videos

Our videos will create awareness about food allergies in the general community through social media. So far we have created some successful productions but with your support we can create more powerful campaigns. You can see some of our earlier video projects here.


Sparkle for a Cure

The inaugural “Sparkle For a Cure” cocktail event will be held on the waterfront at the Docklands Melbourne and is set to dazzle guests with stunning ambience, lively music and spectacular food. Join us for an enchanting night full of sparkles and wonder. You will have a dazzling time whilst spporting research into a curative treatment for Anaphylaxis and food allergies.


Print Magazine

Our goal is to create Australia’s first print magazine dedicated to the allergic community and their families. Our regular contributors will provide an array of tips, information, recipes and stories. Please support this project by becoming an advertiser, sponsor or simply donate to the go fund me account.