Welcome to Anaphylaxis Network Australia, or A.N.A for short. Many of you have followed our journey on social media, contributed and supported our community. We are excited to announce the launch of Australia's newest charitable organization dedicated to helping the food allergic community through advocacy, innovation, research and education. With an impressive board of Advisors, we are excited to bring renewed passions and dedication for supporting our community. A.N.A is all about inclusion, and we want to give the food allergy community an opportunity to contribute to making changes happen.

Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life threatening allergic reaction. We recognise the myriad of emotions and challenges that those living with food allergies face. We also believe that through a supportive network, life can be full and enjoyable. For those newly diagnosed, simple day to day activities can seem challenging and daunting. Many have described the moment of diagnosis as feeling like the rug has been pulled beneath them.

A.N.A is committed to making the everyday lives of those living with food allergies easier. With a focus on positive living and self empowerment, our goal is to help you become the hero of your allergy journey. One of our goals is to help support research into a curative treatment for life threatening food allergies.

We welcome you to "join us" in our plight for greater education, advocacy, research and quality of life. You can become an advocate in our community by joining us and getting involved.

If you would like specific information about allergies, allergy testing, treatment or dietary avoidance information specific to your allergen then please visit ASCIA. The information provided on this site is not designed to take the place of a doctor's instructions. Patients are urged to contact their medical professional for specific information regarding guidlines for care. The information on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between the patient and their doctor.

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Travelling with Food Allergy

Just because I have food allergies doesn’t mean I can’t have fun and travel when the holidays are here! For example when we go on a holiday I am always so excited but there is always so much planning to do before we start our trip to make sure that my holiday is a safe and happy time. Some of our travelling and planning tips are: If we are travelling on a plane we try and travel outside of meal times if possible. I always travel with more than one epipen, x4 to be exact. I also pack my Action Plan for Anaphylaxis that’s signed by my doctor. ASCIA also has a Travel Plan that is great to use when flying. I also pack my anti-histamine and my ventolin. All of these come on the plane with me. I travel with a face mask just incase ...

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